Cet article de Honour me permet de vous encourager à suivre son blog. Elle propose un regard intéressant sur Second Life.

Après avoir présenté la nouvelle création de Cica Ghost, “Life in a Bowl” – encore une fois, une très belle réussite – , Honour revient sur un article d’un autre blogueur, Hamlet.

Pour répondre à (enfin?) un article qui montre une belle facette de SL, Hamlet reprend la vieille accusation “SL ce n’est que du sexe, ou surtout ça”, en montrant la liste des sims les plus visitées, presque toutes dans la catégories Adulte. Honour est allée visiter ces sims…

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Life in a Bowl by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Cica Ghost’s latest beautiful creation is Life in a Bowl. Residents of a tropical island have placed sea creatures in giant aquariums – within sight of the ocean, which seems unnecessarily rude.

The good news for them is that the build is temporary and I’m sure they’ll be released back into the wild soon. I hope!

OK I’m going to stick my nose partway into the latest SL drama. One aspect of it has, over the years, made me very curious.

It all started when Eric Grundhauser wrote a wonderful article about Second Life on Atlas Obscura. He expected “to find a dying world of outsiders and bronies gleefully recreating pornographic impossibilities”. What he found instead, thanks to the guidance of Ziki Questi, was “a fascinating and vital world that is constantly changing and pushing the…

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